o mnieI ‘m greeting you warmly!

My names reflect my IDENTITY, and therefore that’s why I named my blog: Izabela Lea.

If you want to stimulate your creativity and start to create,  or you are going to make a metamorphosis of your furniture, you’re definitely in the right place;)


My website is designed out of my passion. Thanks to this website,  you can change by yourself the face of the furniture and the interior accessories which have lost their luster, while my step-by-step description in each post will facilitate your work at each stage of the metamorphosis, and thanks to that I’m sure that you will be proud of what you have created by yourself!

How do I know it?

Just go to the one of the most popular posts, and you’ll see :) → Bureau Shabby Chic.

I personally don’t tolerate commonness. Expressing myself and creating something peculiar is of great importance to me. I like it when all that surrounds me is created thanks to my own work and my creativeness, and because of that, it’s unique and unrepeatable.

And since I got to know the world of furniture … especially the furniture which is undermined by the passage of time, I was totally intrigued! I feel that by giving a second life to old, unwanted furniture, I constantly develop my creativity, and by the way I live in harmony with the environment which surrounds me, against the consumerist following novelty. Thanks to that I can help the world even at least to the slightest extent, not to be completely covered by new rubbish, and I can appreciate what is old and good ;)

The style that I love is shabby chic, vintage and Provencal, but most of all, my own style which I make all the time ;)

And if you want me to create a piece of furniture for you, you can contact me at: kontakt@izabelalea.com ;)

Places where you can find me, you will find also in the bookmark called CONTACT.

I will be pleased if you visit the world of my passions.

Izabela Lea eS.