How to paint with Chalk Paint? Valuable tips – Annie Sloan. 2

How to paint with Chalk Paint ?

An interview with Annie Sloan!

Part 2. Valuable tips

Do you like to change the old into the new? Do you paint furniture, but sometimes you do not know how to deal with an obstacle? You are in right place :) Today Annie Sloan creator of Chalk PAINT® in an interview with me provides some valuable tips on how to paint with Chalk Paint.

Let’s start :)

In my opinion Chalk Paint® makes painting not only pleasurable, but simply easy and trouble-free. In the entire furniture styling process, waxing may sometimes raise concerns. People often ask me about the uses of wax, so I think you are the best person to give some valuable tips.

How many layers of wax clear should be applied to finish furniture? Is one layer sufficient?

Annie Sloan: I usually do one, and sometimes I look – oh, I’ve missed a little bit, so I go over it. But one is absolutely fine! People shouldn’t be afraid about the wax it’s really not a problem. And maybe when I want to do a table I’ll give two layer. But one layer of clear wax is enough!


Jak malowac farbami kredowymi ?


What should be done if a table top is scuffed after the application of the wax?  Can we varnish the wax layer in order to harden the table top even more?

Annie Sloan: No you can’t. You can’t put varnish which is waterbased on wax which is oilbased and you can’t put wax on varnish. Once waxed you can’t put varnish on it. It won’t work. If it’s a little scuffed jut sand it a little bit with a sandpaper  and rewax it. That’s all!

The wax is ok on table top. Maybe not od kitchen table when you cut things on it and put hot pots, but I’ve got it on my dining table and it’s fine.

It’s important to wait until wax gets harder. Because wax has oil and it needs time to dry. It needs about week to dry.



And what should be done when the furniture is waxed after being painted and then it turns out that the colour is not satisfactory and we want to paint it again in a different colour. What should we do? Do we paint directly on the fresh wax or do we have to abrade it first?

Annie Sloan: Just pain it again. I do that all the time. It’s not a problem. The paint will go over anything, even wax! It’s better to wait until the wax dries and pain again. Probably two days is enough. That’s because in wax is oil and you can’t put water (from paint) on oil. It has to dry out. Maybe when you are in hurry you may sand it then paint it, but it’s better to wait and the pain directly.

Your Chalk Paint® can also be used to paint fabrics. I have always been afraid to do that, although it tempts me a lot, and I already have a picture of a cushion in my mind which I am planning to create. Is it necessary to secure the painted pattern on a fabric in any way? Will the pattern fade after washing? 

Annie Sloan: What you need to do after you paint the fabric, you need to iron it! The paint need some heat. The paint will wash out buy just a little bit. It depends on the colour you use and on the fabric. It’s best to do it on a cotton or linen, some nylon or polyester will work but not always. The blues are good, and also reds.



There are several techniques of painting with the Chalk Paint®. Which one is your favourite? Where can we find out more about this technique?

Annie Sloan: Well, I’ve got two new techniques at the moment. That’s a good question :) I’m not going to tell you about it because I’m going to write it on my new book “Paint everything”*. And now my new colours are coming.

*Yet the book is published and it’s available at Annie Sloan’s shops.

Yes, I can’t wait. My dream for new colour is fuchsia.

Annie Sloan: Fuchsia you can get mixing Burgundy with Pure.

That’s the best news for me! I have to try it.

Thank you very much. It was great pleasure to talk to you:)


Interview with Annie Sloan was for me a really unique experience. Trying to explore the secrets of painting I have met many interesting people, who as I wrote in the first part of the interview, pointed his kindness, helpfulness and creativity. Therefore, to reach a person who attracts people with such an attitude, it became a priority for me because I like to reach out to the source;) I am glad that another goal I have achieved … Now I’m setting a new one ;)

Greetings to EMWI Workshop, who I’ve met at their best before they become Annie Sloan’s distributor (and I do not know about their plans;)


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